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green. >> i don't know what you guys are doing. >> we'll say happy st. paddy's day to everyone. it is sunday, march 17th. while the irish celebrate their patron saint, the entire catholic church still celebrating their new pope and our ron claiborne is at the vatican, where tens of thousands have turned out for the pope's first blessing. we'll go there in a moment. >> truly historic day there. also, a verdict due this morning in the case that has caused such high emotions in a small ohio community. a teenaged girl accusing of two high school football players of sexually assaulting her. we'll have the latest from steubenville, ohio. and also an update on the girls scouts, they were told that the corporation bought 6,000 boxes of cookies. that was a lie. they held a special sale saturday to try to unload some $24,000 worth of the treats so they can go to camp. we'll tell you how they did. that is all still ahead. but we start with pope francis. for the first time delivering
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the noon blessing from his papal apartment window to the crowd gathered below in st. peter's square. this, just hours after he surprised everyone after getting out of his car and mix it up with the crowd in vatican city. let's go back to ron with more. hey, ron. >> reporter: good morning to you, dan. this was the pope's first public appearance since he first appeared on the balcony of st. peter's basilica. that was last wednesday night. there was a huge crowd out here today, estimated from 100 -- 150,000 maybe 200,000 people, testimony to the popularity of just four days into his papacy of this pope. people out here enthused for the greeting and blessing which is pope gives traditionally on sunday. there have been none the last couple of weeks because there had been no pope. in his homily to this crowd here, the pope talked about mercy and he talked forgiveness and he also mentioned that he had taken francis from italy's patron saint, st. francis of assisi.
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four day skboos his papacy, this pope's informality and his accessibility has really made him enormously popular. evidence of it again this morning just before a mass at the santa ana church at the vatican. he mixed with the crowd, shaking hands. blessing people. av wards, he was acting like a parish priest. this pope signaling that he will be lot more accessible, lot more informal in many ways, more humble than past. bianna? >> thank you, ron. humble and modest indeed. we'll have complete coverage of the installation of pope francis on tuesday here at abc. now, to a new round of nasty winter weather moving in to the midwest from the rockies. parts of 18 states are on alert for snow and ice. even a blizzard watch for part of minnesota. ginger zee is here with the latest. winter does not want to go away.
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>> reporter: everybody keeps saying, what was that groundhog talking about? i told you not to listen to him. just saying. blizzard watches not only for parts of minnesota but also aberdeen there, south dakota, you can really see the winter storm warnings and watches popping up. that storm just getting going. there's a little bit here from st. louis to cincinnati, and even in parts of pittsburgh, so let's talk about what's going to happen. it's actually two different storms that will meld together, one will drop out of the rockies it gets together with the one from the south. and for the coastal parts of new york, washington, d.c., it will be mostly rain, but north of there, places like worcester, massachusetts, 100 inches of snow, twice their annual average. they're still going to have the snowy end of it. just north and west of boston, a lot more in parts of new england. this is the one we're talking about first, from bismarck to minneapolis, some of that snow is going to be falling at the end of the weekend. it's not just the snow, it's the
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winds. that's how you get the blizzard conditions. very gusty, up to 40 to 60. quick look at severe weather is going to be a part of this. much more in your nation's weather, but for now back to dan. we're expecting a verdict this morning in a trial that's divided a small, close-knit ohio town. in just a few hours, a juvenile court judge is expected to issue his ruling. in the case of two high school football players accused of sexually assaulting a teenage girl. yesterday, she took the stand to tell her story. abc's alex perez has details from steubenville. hi, alex. >> reporter: good morning, dan, after months of speculation and worldwide attention, the judge will announce his verdict later today. now, before closing arguments, the 16-year-old girl took the witness stand and faced the two young men she's accusing. for the first time we hear from the 16-year-old girl accusing trent and m-alique richmond. on the witness stand, she broke down in tears after seeing an explicit photo of herself when she appears to be unconscious. she describes waking up with no clothes, hours after the alleged incident with mace nearby and
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richmond on the coach in the same room. i was scared, embarrassed and it freaked me out. they're accused of sexually assaulting the teenage after a night of underage drinking and partying in august, 2012. in court, evidence revealed that their tense text message conversation between mays and the accuser in the days after the alleged assault. "i wanted to apologize for the video that was put up in a all the misunderstanding. the accuser replies in part. "i trusted that you would be able to take care of me. i don't know why you keep saying that you did, because you obviously didn't." . later mays write, so you guys aren't making us go to court or anything or pressing charges to which she replies in part, so the only reason you're apologizing is to see if i'm pressing charges? prosecutors maintain that the accuser was too drunk to consent. >> they took advantage of her when they knew that she wouldn't remember. she was the perfect victim. >> reporter: the defense argued that pictures of the accuser posted after the alleged incident prompted her charges
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and maintained that mays and richmond did not commit rape. >> because an immature kid, submits a picture of her on the internet, she's humiliated. she has a couple choices. yes, that's me or i can't remember what happened. >> reporter: and the 16-year-old and 17-year-old defendants could be sentenced to a detention center until they're 21 years old. again, the judge will announce his verdict later today. dan and bianna. >> we'll bring you that verdict announcement live here on abc when we get that in. for the other developing stories, here's abc's rob nelson. he is in for ron claiborne. great to see you, rob. good morning, everyone. unfortunately, some sad news to start off. a bus trip to a lacrosse match turned tragic saturday. after a crash claimed two lives. abc's john schriffen has the latest on this from greensburg, pennsylvania. john? >> reporter: rob, good morning. students, faculty and this
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community will all come together later tonight for a vigil to remember the lives lost and pray for those who were on that bus now trying to cope with this terrible tragedy. >> everybody is devastated by the losses. we're all coming together. >> reporter: the campus of seton hill university in pennsylvania is in mourning. after a bus accident claimed the life of beloved head coach. it started off to a normal road trip away game for the women's team turned deadly yesterday morning. authorities said the team bus went off the pennsylvania turnpike, slamming into a tree. the left front side sheared off. >> off the roadway, struck the guardrail. striking the tree. >> reporter: the team's head coach, 30-year-old kristina quigley, later died at the hospital. authorities say she was about six months pregnant, her unborn child didn't make it. the bus driver died on the scene. 21 of the 23 people onboard were injured.
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victims were admitted to area hospitals, most of them have been released. one person is still in the hospital, listed in satisfactory condition. on the campus of seton hill, shock mixed with grief blankets the school. different sports teams coming together. prayers for the women's lacrosse team shows how close question we can be. >> reporter: at this point, investigators don't know what caused the accident. and the national transportation safety board has stepped up bus safety standards after a string of deadly bus crashes across the country. but abc news has learned that the bus company involved in this latest accident had an excellent safety record. as for the women's lacrosse team the university said that it has not made a decision if their season will go on. rob? >> a tragic story all the way around. thank you, john. an accident on a racetrack in california has left two people dead. before the race began, the driver of a sprint car lost
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control of the vehicle and it went plunging into the pit area. the car struck a 68-year-old man and 14-year-old boy, killing them both. it's not yet known why that car lost control. the carnival cruise ship "legend" pulled into the tampa port this morning after propulsion problems slowed sailing speed, forcing that ship to cancel its stop. the company has had three ships report problems in just the past month. some lighter news this morning. of course many cities celebrated the st. patrick's holiday on saturday, marching in parades here in new york and of course, dying the chicago river green out in illinois. and we saw one celebration that was truly out of this world, that's commander chris hatfield on the international space station. i don't think that's his regulation uniform. but it looks good nonetheless. >> i like the bow tie. it suits him. >> thank you. >> having a good time out there. we're going to turn to politics now. a hero's welcome to sarah palin. at a big conservative conference this weekend. momma grizzly didn't disappoint.
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stirring up the crowd and dishing up plenty of red meat. even a big gulp. abc's reena ninan has the details. >> reporter: good morning to you, bianna. she disappeared from the spotlight since departing fox news. now, she's making a comeback. >> i believe that a conservative vision -- >> reporter: it wasn't mitt romney. >> good intentions are not enough. >> reporter: or straw poll winner senator rand paul or even marco rubio and his water. >> governor sarah palin! >> reporter: but sarah palin, who won over the hearts of conservative political action conference goers this weekend. >> more background checks. mr. president, should have started with yours. >> reporter: serving plenty of attacks on president obama. >> he's considered a good politician. which, is like saying bernie madoff was a good salesman. >> reporter: criticizing even her own party's post-election efforts.
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>> we're not here to rebrand the party. we're here to rebuild a country. >> reporter: which led some to wonder, is she running in 2016? >> sarah palin enjoys the perks of being famous, i don't think that she enjoys the scrutiny that comes with running for office. >> reporter: but she enjoyed poking fun at politicians, like new york mayor michael bloomberg. >> bloomberg is not around. our big gulp is safe. we're cool. >> reporter: if you thought she was lost in the political wilderness, you're wrong. >> sarah palin is better than any other republican politician at presenting herself as an outsider. she's very good at running against washington, d.c. >> washington politicians have a bad habit on focusing of the process of politics instead of the purpose of politics which is to lead and to serve. >> reporter: this morning, there's also criticism, palin offered no new ideas for the
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conservative movement. maybe she's waiting until christmas where she'll release her new book, a happy holiday is a merry christmas. dan and bianna. >> thank you very much, sarah palin and the conservative straw poll will be among the topics on "this week." >> that's right. abc's martha raddatz is filling in for george stephanopoulos and she joins us now. great to see you. >> good morning. you know, yesterday's straw poll at cpac shows a strong divide within the republican party. with rand paul winning, marco rubio coming in close second. these two don't always see eye to eye. what does that say about the direction the party is head in? >> i think its says exactly what you're saying, it showed a divide. we saw that this week at the conservative conference. you got rand paul who's saying the party needs to change. you got marco rubio saying something very different. but the one person who wasn't there in that straw poll, who we might see going ahead, is jeb
7:13 am
bush, he was not included in that. did not want to be included in that. you had rand paul at the top, you had marco rubio second and everybody else way, way down the line. we'll talk about that this morning. of course, that's 2016. we'll talk about this week as well. >> you wonder how much the filibuster impacted that. you interviewed -- >> i think that's exactly right, dan. i think that filibuster with rand paul did influence the vote. >> you also interviewed speaker of the house john boehner for the show. did you get any sense that the president's charm offensive is working? >> i didn't get the sense from john boehner that it's working. i call it with him, the so-called charm offensive, he doesn't seem particularly charmed. the divide seems just as great. we'll ask our roundtable about that. very curious to see what they think. if there's anything going on behind the scenes we don't know about. >> what, if anything, can heal this relationship? martha, thank you. great to see you. >> great to see you. >> be sure to join martha later on this morning on "this week."
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her special guest will be house speaker john boehner. an update now on a story we told you about yesterday, two girl scouts troops in oregon, were hoaxed into believing they made a massive girl scouts cookie sale. 6,000 boxes of them. then, they learned the truth. they were stuck with all of those sweets. they staged a sale yesterday. abc's tanya rivero is here to tell us how it went. >> reporter: it's hard to imagine what could motivate someone to play such a cruel trick on girl scouts. the money they were counting on for summer camp and to benefit a homeless shelter, suddenly vanishes. these girls didn't let it get them down. it's one of the tastiest american traditions. >> our cookies are here. >> reporter: these portland, oregon girl scouts thought they made the sweetest sale ever, selling 6,000 boxes of cookies, until it all went sour.
7:15 am
>> they placed a fake order on us. it hurt our feelings a lot. >> reporter: the two troops were left holding the boxes. when the $24,000 corporate order turned out to be a hoax. >> i was the one who had actually taken the order. this was a situation that i took personally. >> reporter: the order apparently placed by a woman who worked at a local company and whom many of the troop mothers knew, so there was no reason to doubt the sale, until it came time to collect. >> i contacted the mother's company. they said we have no idea what's going on. >> reporter: when word got out, the girls scout had been duped an emergency sale at their portland headquarters had been announced. >> we have thin mints. samoas. smileys. >> reporter: hundreds showed up. >> i would like a case of the short bread and thin mints. >> reporter: by the end of the day, half the inventory had been cleared out to the tune of $12,000. for the girls, the experience a big life lesson. another way the girl scouts has helped them grow.
7:16 am
>> for every one person that has, you know, bad intentions there are hundreds more with good intentions and good hearts that are here to help you. >> reporter: scout's honor. and the girl scouts say no money changed hands. no charges will be filed. there will be another sale next week to sell the remaining boxes. we don't doubt they will. if you're hoping for samoas, apparently you're out of luck. they already sold out of those. >> dan, did you buy them all? >> what a great group of girls. >> great story. tanya, thanks. time now for a check of weather. over to ginger zee. hey, ginger? >> something that i didn't get to emphasize for the severe weather threat, mostly for tomorrow and here are the cities included, chattanooga, just west of atlanta. birmingham. nashville and jackson, mississippi. that 70 miles per hour wind gust possible. could get an isolated tornado. doesn't look as likely. and some hail possible. it's really been warm across the south. we talked about the record highs of yesterday. midland, 79. 96 laredo today.
7:17 am
houston is going to be 77. look at south carolina right there. charleston, 76. look at this video. they had gusty winds. 30 miles per hour gusts did not help at all when the wild fires started really kicking up. taking more than two dozen homes. that's in carolina forest, very close to meritle beach. the cold, is in place. chicago, 26 this morning. 23, detroit. pittsburgh, 29. even snow, of course, in a lot of places yesterday, including close to cleveland, where they picked up a half inch or an inch. snow lake-enhanced areas, that was closer to a half foot. we'll be talking much more about that.
7:18 am
>> so, even though spring comes >> so, even though spring comes up this wednesday at 7:02 eastern time, it's going to be really cold. i got those numbers coming up. you don't want to miss that. >> i don't want to miss that. i want it to warm up. >> you love the numbers. >> she's a numbers nuts. all right, ginger, thanks. who said that the little man doesn't have a voice when it comes to taking on big and powerful companies? it turns out screaming about ice cream that was less than satisfactory got some ben & jerry's customers some vip treatment. abc's john schriffen that has details. >> reporter: it's like a real-life willy wonka and chocolate factory. >> you're going to love this. >> reporter: 24-year-old scott white is charlie bucket, gets the surprise of a life time. >> i was beside myself when i got the invitation. i was like, wow, i got the golden ticket. >> reporter: his sweetest dream came true when he was invited for a tour of the factory in vermont. all after the ice cream
7:19 am
enthusiast e-mailed the company complaining about one of its signature flavor, half-baked. >> the brownie bites were hard, crumbly, powdery. it wasn't the half-baked that i was used to. >> reporter: the invitation from ben & jerry's, that real-life golden ticket, said it wanted to show white and several other disfied customers, quote, how we use our valuable consumer feedback to make improvements. another complaint, one customer wasn't nuts about what she called overroasted pistachios. on the tour, dressed like everyone's favorite oompa loompa, they got the tour. seeing where the ice cream is made and how they're working to make sure customers aren't left with a sour taste in their mouths. >> it's really about just making sure that our ingredients are always consistent and that we're always giving a top, superior product. so did half-baked make a full
7:20 am
recovery? >> it did taste a lot better. >> reporter: before you start churning up your frosty feedback, put a lid on it. because, for now, this opportunity is no s'more. for "good morning america," john schriffen, abc news, new york. >> oh, john. did you get it? i got it. >> we complained, too. here we got. i'm kidding. >> we got our own ice cream. that's what you call damage control. too bad ron isn't here. we love having you here, rob. >> ron is an ice cream nut. >> he eats a pint every morning. ron, here to you. coming up on "good morning america" -- getting religion. why are more people watching a miniseries about the bible than "american idol"? the secret behind the heavenly hit show. plus, can a texas transplant go back to her roots and turn into a cowgirl? watch bianna's amazing transformation into a rodeo queen. >> i wouldn't call it amazing. and being green. we're kicking off st. patrick's
7:21 am
day with traditional irish dancers and bag pipes. >> they're here in the studio. >> keep it here. d bag pipes. >> they're here in the studio. >> keep it here. before copd...
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♪ in the spirit of st. patrick's day, we have bagpipes and the irish dancers, a champion group from nearby white plains. a bunch of beautiful girls and one young boy dancing. >> they are great. we watched them practice here this morning. and all i can say is, they didn't need much practice. >> no. >> they're this good every time. >> they're professionals. good morning, america. >> i'm dan abrams in for dan harris today. it's sunday, march 17th. in this half-hour, we get a chance to see bianna at least as i have never seen her before. maybe others here have. >> i have never seen myself like this before. >> maybe family members of hers have. a trip to the super bowl of rodeo. and a transformation into a genuine cowgirl.
7:29 am
>> i have no idea who that woman is right there. also coming up on this show, a 2-year-old, a chair, a crib, so, what could go wrong? we're going to freeze it. wait until you see what happens next. it's a viral video that you'll have to see to believe. all that is coming up. we do have breaking news on the west coast. a decision on a case that has divided a small town. >> this was really a powerful and extremely emotional verdict that came in just moments ago. in steubenville. this is a case that has divided a community there. this is a case that two defendants now face the possibility of up to a few years, meaning they're both 16, 17. they could be in a juvenile detention facility until they are 21 years old. good morning, rob. >> this is a chilling day. you could feel it there. just moments ago, a verdict was delivered in the steubenville, ohio, sexual assault trial.
7:30 am
here is the judge with his decision. >> both of the defendants are hereby adjudicated deling went beyond a reasonable doubt on all three counts as charged. >> for the very latest, now, let's go to abc's alex perez who was on the scene right there at the courthouse. alex? >> reporter: well, good morning, rob. this verdict that so many people were waiting to hear this morning as you just heard a second ago. the judge finding both defendants guilty on all counts or delink went as they say in juvenile court. in the courtroom just after the verdict read, quote, the defendants, began crying in the courtroom as that verdict was being read. richmond actually stood up when he was given an opportunity and apologized to the court. also apologized to the accuser in this case. the family of trent also addressed the court and
7:31 am
apologized. of course mays and rich mompbd were accused of sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl after a night of underage drinking and partying last august. prosecutors argue that the girl was too drunk to consent. the defense maintained what happened wasn't rape. emotional scene inside the courtroom today. we're still waiting to hear what exactly the sentence -- these young men will face. being sentenced to a detention center. so they are 21 years old. we will continue to follow this story as it develops. of course this has made headlines around the world. we'll keep watching it and bring you details as necessary. >> all right, alex perez, live for us right there in front of courthouse. a chilling end to the remarkable case. guys, back to you. >> when you talk about juvenile precedings, you're adding that much more emotion. people being treated not as
7:32 am
adults, but as minors. and you hear from the parents -- you hear from family members. and that is part of what makes it so incredibly emotional. the three of us were sitting here listening to this verdict, it is hard no matter what you think about this case not to be emotional when something like this happens when a ruling like this comes in. at this point, the judge is hearing from them to try to determine what kind of sentence they could get. remember, they both face the possibility of having to register as sex offenders, likely to be the case that this judge will say for the rest of their lives they have to register as sex offenders. so, both defendants breaking down inside that courtroom. incredibly emotional moment. we're waiting for the judge's official sentence, again, facing up until they're 21 years old in a juvenile facility. ginger, off to you. >> we want to talk about the cold, because even though spring is right around the corner, wednesday morning, 7:02 eastern time, it will come in officially.
7:33 am
well, it's not going to stay that way. look at some of the cold numbers. new york city for one going to stay in the upper 30s or low 40s, late winter, early spring here. an idea, tampa 75, waco 74 today. chicago only around 33. we do have some rain and snow in the center of the nation and remember, that big storm move across the northern rockies and the >> this weather report has been brought to you by wallgreens. >> thank you. coming up on "good morning america," my chance to indulge my inner cowgirl as the biggest livestock and rodeo show in the world. it was quite an experience. stay tuned to see what happens. of "i'm a new parent" r
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you may not know that bianna was raised in texas. so you would think she would have that whole sort of cowgirl thing down pat a long time ago. apparently not. >> no. thanks to some expert lessons, i've caught up on all the skills i should have learned ages ago. >> reporter: the super bowl of all things wrangling, roping, and of course riding. every year the houston livestock show and rodeo kicks off with an old west trail ride through the lone star state's largest city. where, for a full month, the
7:39 am
rodeo turns the gridiron home of the houston texans into, well, a barnyard. once i got back to my old home on the range, i enlisted this trick rider and stuntwoman to help me cowgirl up without winding up on joan rivers' bad side. this could work. no cowgirl is complete without a great hat. it's snug. it fits. >> it looks awesome. >> i'm ready to go. >> all you need now is a horse. >> reporter: that's right. well, there is one more thing. any cowgirl worth her salt lick has to be ready to take care of her horse in every way, and i mean, every way. and i thought changing a diaper was bad. this is gross. now, i'm ready to learn the basics. >> the crowd always likes when you stand up on your horse and drag by your feet. >> reporter: can we make it so that you can have me stand on
7:40 am
the horse and not be dragged by my feet? >> absolutely. >> reporter: my trusty steed and the beautiful and aptly named twister is my horse. whoa. you're good with me. you're fine with me, twister. for the dangerous stuff, nicki loaned me her best horse, rebel. >> all the way, rememberle. >> reporter: oh, rebel. thank you. >> reporter: every night, the arena fills with fans and musicians of all kinds from justin bieber and kiss, to even bruno mars. ♪ you tossed it in the trash >> reporter: who shattered the rodeo's attendance record, only to be beat out by hip-hop megastar pit bull just days later. ♪ >> reporter: for me, the empty stands and wide open floor held a magical quality. bringing back memories of an annual tradition that i lived for as a young girl. i never thought that i would be doing this in a million years. right here, on the dirt, i got my chance to show off with rebel. you got it, sister!
7:41 am
yes. i'm the queen of the world! next up, learning my way around the lasso. >> a little bit higher. there you go. >> reporter: after a few practices, i nailed it. got him! time for my cowgirl final exam. taking on breakout barrel racing champion. sidney blanchard. sidney went first. a few pointers later, it's my turn. clearly sidney wiped the floor with me and twister, but still i had a blast and earned the cowgirl's seal of approval from nikki and sidney. >> i think you're officially a cowgirl. so, here's your cowlgirl rodeo number for houston. >> thank you. >> i think they slowed the camera down there. i was going much faster on the court. that was slow motion. >> we saw these great teases of these people doing all of these amazing moves. bucking -- wow, they're really going to teach her how to do that? at the end, here's the lasso.
7:42 am
>> be nice. >> they're hard, though. >> i didn't want to embarrass them. >> yeah, right, right. >> we showed them the baby stuff that i did. got it! >> i do want to thank everyone in houston who helped arrange my trip. from nikki and sidney, the rodeo organization. the rodeo has contributed more than $300 million to scholarship and research. 70,000 people help volunteer to help pull off the show. thank you for having me and i hope i didn't embarrass texas too much. >> a whole new respect for you, bianna, a whole new respect. >> yeehaw! we'll be right back. ♪ we weren't really morning people. we're vampires after all. but then we tried new nutri-grain fruit crunch bar. it's so crunchy. crunchy granola, mmmm... made with real fruit, 20 grams of whole grains.
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♪ you're my obsession time for "fixation," where we show you the stories, images and videos that caught our attention this week. and the ones that we wanted to share. >> yeah, i want to show you what little carter can do, maybe he can take on a rodeo next. because this little kid is learning how to get out of his pack and play. and is a brilliant gymnast it turns out. 2 years old. his mom decided to film him one day. >> she just left the camera there? oh, my. >> she's in the room. >> how messed am i that all i can think about is lawsuits? >> speaking of lawsuits, no, these people choose this, adventurous people do the squirrel suit. something i don't think i could ever get into. so, two guys decided not only are we going to do some b.a.s.e. jumping with squirrel suits, we'll do it in the rio de janeiro. we'll take the big jump. this takes a little bit to play out here. eventually you'll see he's going through the building.
7:48 am
>> wow. >> that's right. the parachute goes out and then he's fine. >> think that's your next challenge. >> yeah. oh, maybe tandem. and a real treat for you. today, the irish dancers for st. paddy's day. nine beautiful girls and one lucky guy. if i may add. >> they have been here with us all morning. doing a great job, helping us bring in st. paddy's day. ♪
7:49 am
♪ ♪ >> yeah, nice job. >> great job, guys. >> we'll be right back. [ lorenzo ] i'm lorenzo. that company, the united states postal service® works for thousands of home businesses. because at® you can pay, print and have your packages picked up for free. i can even drop off free boxes. i wear a lot of hats. well, technically i wear one. the u.s. postal service®, no business too small.
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a special st. paddy's good-bye from us. good-bye from us. thank you for watching abc news. thank you, dan. thank you, rob. enjoy. have a great weekend. >> these are the stars. ♪
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good morning. welcome to "this week." hello, everybody. >> round two. >> it is to identify what i call the common sense caucus. >> president obama continues the charm offensive. >> good to see you, sir. >> is a grand bargain still possible? we get answers from our exclusive guest, house speaker john boehner, only on "this week." plus -- >> we're here to rebuild a country. >> conservatives crash the capitol. cardinals make an historic choice. and the pentagon and the pentagon adding new missile defenses on the west coast. how serious is the north korean threat to all of us? plus, on the tenth anniversary of the iraq war, abc's own bob woodruff is here
7:59 am
for a special look back. hello, again. george is off today. great to have you with us. if president obama hoped his charm offensive would improve chances of a grand bargain, the release of those dueling budget proposals this week, showed just how far apart the two parties really are. so, where does that leave us? our exclusive guests will have a lot of say in whether it does happen. we're please to welcome house speaker john boehner. good morning, mr. boehner. >> good to be with you, martha >> it's great to have you here. i call it the so-called charm offensive. you don't seem particularly charmed. you wrote, you had heard it all before, saying it's going to take more than dinner dates and phone calls from the president.

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